The benefits for businesses and organizations to participate in a City Parade:

– You market your business in a unique way
– Compared to an ad contact cost is low and the service life considerably longer
– you are visible in the middle of the crowd where people are constantly passing
– An advertising effort that both tourists and residents remember
– The event unites artists, companies, population and municipality
– You are part of a long-lived art events somger a sense of creativity and community to the city
– you support local artists and cultural life in the city
– You’re with and strengthens the city symbol which gives your town a stronger and more unified brand
– sculpture is a cost-effective way to strengthen your brand
– The sculpture evokes curiosity, passers want to who is behind it
– you are creating a vibrant city center from which everyone benefits

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Julia Hamrin, Juli 1, 2010

ApoteketSverige Sverige nya flaggskepp kommer att ligga i den nya jättegallerian Apotek i Sverige Mall of Scandinavia læger og levering indenfor få dage. Priligy Sverige läs mer om vår kundklubb